Elevate your special events with our premium yacht rental and drone filming services.

Yacht rental services have become a popular sector in recent years, offering a unique alternative for celebrating special occasions. On your special days, it is possible to uniquely capture your memories with wedding drone filming services. Drone filming combines bird's-eye views with the impressive appearance of your yacht over the azure sea.

Moreover, bachelor parties have also become a popular event in the yacht rental sector. Our special bachelor party night drone filming service allows you to immortalize this meaningful night. With a drone, you can capture the excitement and fun of the party at the highest level, adding a unique dimension to your memories.

Yachts are also a perfect option for a romantic marriage proposal. While you make the most important proposal of your life, you can transform the moments into a spectacular story with drone filming during the yacht proposal. Drone-captured images record your proposal and the joy you experience from a unique perspective.

When considering yacht rental and drone together, we elevate your celebrations and special moments to a higher level. Drone photography turns your celebrations from ordinary events into valuable memories that you will remember for a lifetime. Especially with today's technology, such events have now become accessible options.

Drone Filming Prices

Drone filming is a modern method preferred for capturing impressive images. Prices vary depending on various factors, including the duration of the filming, the technical specifications of the drone, and the difficulty level of the location where the filming will take place. Typically, professional filming is charged by the hour. This fee can increase depending on the quality of the equipment and the extra services required for filming. Special packages are available for those who want to do drone filming on special days, such as weddings or corporate events. These packages are usually customized according to the customer's needs and priced accordingly. Additionally, post-filming editing and montage services can also be included in the price. To find the most suitable solution according to customers' expectations and budgets, it is important to get detailed planning and price quotes in advance. Those interested in drone filming prices can contact us for the most current and detailed information.

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